Autentisk Shan madlavningskursus

Meet Tin – an Intha native from the lake who will share her traditional Shan recipes with you today during a traditional Shan cooking class in a family house built on stilt on the lake. It’s not a Master Chef course from a Michelin restaurant owner but it’s simple, tasteful, home-cooked food from a local lady who has been cooking her whole life for her family and enjoys it!
Together with your guide, we visit the local market to find all ingredients, go by boat to the traditional house and help cleaning vegetables, chopping the ingredients, frying or boiling it, adding the right herbs and mixing the right ingredients.
Dished to be taught so you can prepare them at home as well are:
Shan Pumpkin soup
Fried rice cake
Shan noodles
Steamed Inle fish in banana leaves
Vegetable curry cooked Shan style
Tomato salad from the lake with pounded peanuts
Of course the class ends with a very tasteful lunch. A kitchen apron, some specific local kitchen tools and a list with all ingredients to try it at home.
A fantastic day to learn a bit of delicious cooking but certainly also to get a taste of the real local life of an Intha on the lake so not only for master chefs.
Guide and boat available for the rest of the day for additional visits on the lake if wanted.