Madmarkeder i Mandalay inkl. hjemmelavet frokost

Mandalay is known for its food and interesting market showcasing food from all around
the country. Today no temples or pagodas for you but food and markets.
We start early morning with a local breakfast (Nan Gyi Thoke) and visit to the
vegetable market. Continue with a stroll to a lively neighbourhood with house
industries showing you how to make Mandalay sweets and local snacks.
We continue to the country side and stop at a farm to see where all the food actually
comes from. A typical home made Mandalay lunch is served at one of the lesser
known monasteries in the country side where we donate and help planting a few “Sein
Ta Lone” mango trees – producing in a few years the best mango in the country – as
a Burmese saying says: “the best time to plant a mango tree is 10 years ago – the
second best time is today”. Return to the hotel around 15:00 or continue to the fish
market which is starting around this time.