Morgencykeltur i Mandalay

A fantastic tour just outside the city operated by Grasshopper Adventures a small
specialised biking company in Mandalay.
We start biking from our conveniently located shop and ride through the back lanes to
get out of town. We pass through fresh markets, lively neighbourhoods and head for
the north east of the city. After only a short pedal we find ourselves in the true
countryside where farmers tend to their fields and villagers go about the daily rituals
that have remained unchanged for decades, if not longer. Water buffalo lazily roll in
the mud, goats nibble at the foliage, and friendly locals wave from all directions. We
make some interesting stops, first at a fresh market to learn about the different produce
on sale and then continue on to see bamboo weaving which is used to construct
everything from roofs and walls to fans. We take a walk through a typical central
Myanmar village and learn about their way of life and their different crops. On our way
back to town we stop at a tea shop for some delicious snacks and tea. We return to
our shop at around 11:30/noon and bring you by motorbike back to the hotel. Please
note, you should wear clothing suitable for this activity: quarter length pants, shorts, tshirts
are all advisable, as are comfortable closed shoes. Sunscreen is also a must.
The tour includes transfers at 07:15 AM from your hotel to the starting point and back
to your hotel by motorbikes