Templer og skildpadder - kom med privat bil fra Mandalay til Bagan

A full day excursion to explore more of the country side with the experience of visiting a
hidden cave temple and Burmese star tortoise in the wildlife sanctuary.
With a private car and driver, we take you to a hidden cave temple - Ta Moke Shin Pin
Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda the excellent creatures of its exterior with plants, animals and
characteristic of myths. From here, we continue drive to visit Burmese star tortoise at the
Minzontaung Wildlife Sanctuary.
The Burmese star tortoise is an endangered species originally from the dry zone in
Myanmar and in urgent need of protection. The Minzontaung Wildlife Sanctuary has been
doing an excellent job in breeding tortoises and setting them back out in the wild. The
simple visitor centre (set up by Khiri Reach) and the breeding centre to see more of the
tortoises gives you more information about this endangered and oh so cute little animal.
Your visit to the centre will support the project.
After the visit to the tortoise centre, a local lunch at a nearby restaurant and continue
about 2.5 hours leisure drive to Bagan.